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Inc. 500 N 266 2020 America's Fastest-Growing Private COs

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Agility was number 266 on the Inc.500 list for 2020. Agility also was able to make the number one spot for advertising and marketing in Utah and 22nd nationwide.

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Why Agility

Agility delivers a relevant, personalized ad experience to consumers. We help brands meet their goals and spend advertising dollars efficiently.

Ad Creative Production

There is no charge for creative services. Agility’s in-house design team will work with your brand to create beautiful, effective ads that meet your ROI goals.

Audience Data

Each audience is custom built to maximize ROI and meet your return goals. Each campaign uses unstructured data that is time-stamped and relevant to your prospective customers – that means no black box data segments.


Available 24/7, Agility Analytics provide advertisers with a real-time, transparent view of all performance metrics.

How Geofencing Works

Step 1 — Target Zone

Platform Target Zone

Target competitor locations by drawing a fence around their building.

Step 2 — Audience Collection

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Anyone with a mobile device (with location service turned on) that walks into the geofenced area, will be pinged and eligible to be served an ad.

Step 3 — Serve Ad

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The audience collected will be served display ads while in the geo-fenced area and for up to 30-days after leaving the geofenced area.

Step 4 — Conversion Zone

Platform Conversion Zone

An offline end-point conversion is anyone who entered the target zone, was served an ad, then visited your location.

Site Retargeting

Contextual Retargeting

CRM Retargeting

Search Retargeting

IP Targeting






Connected TV



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What Is Geofencing?

Geofencing is a location-based mobile marketing optimization strategy companies use to target a specific location or area of smartphone users. When a potential customer enters a particular geographic location, they receive targeted information or advertisements on their smartphone or device.

With geofencing, users get ads that are relevant to who they are, and also where they are. Geofencing allows companies to focus their marketing campaigns on specific areas where their potential customers are, rather than wasting their budget on generic ads for the wrong audience. It helps increase product interest and conversion rates compared to broader advertisement and marketing campaigns.

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The majority of digital spend has shifted to programmatic, which means leveraging programmatic has become vital to the success of online marketing strategies. What most don’t realize is it requires the use of man and machine to drive results. Pick a partner who has the right technology and a team of experienced professionals. At Agility, we have a passion for helping advertisers find their key demographic and spending their advertising dollars efficiently. Most agencies are the jack of all trades and master of none – we focus on programmatic display and not all of your online advertising channels. We do one thing really well and it’s display advertising. Let’s meet to discuss your return goals around display campaigns now.

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