What Is Addressable Geofencing?

What Is Addressable Geofencing?

Addressable geofencing is a form of personalized marketing that lets companies target individual households and businesses based on property lines. It helps companies get close to the elusive goal of true one-to-one marketing. Companies can target anyone who comes to a specific address like their storefront, or can even target individual addresses of specific customers at their homes. 

Why Choose Addressable Geofencing?

Addressable geofencing gives businesses the opportunity to create hyper-personalized marketing campaigns. Also known as addressability, this form of geofencing creates individualized and engaging content that can show up on multiple devices within a home or business’ property lines. If only one home within a neighborhood fits your target demographic, you can use addressable geofencing to bypass those other houses and speak directly to your best prospect.

While addressable geofencing can target very narrow locations, it can also be used to target multiple locations simultaneously. Companies can target up to a million physical addresses, running a custom campaign directed toward all the addresses uploaded. 

Geofencing is a great extension of other marketing tactics. Paired together with tactics like direct mail, geofencing helps improve the frequency and reach of the campaign. This helps improve your visibility, as well as interaction and conversion rates. 

Who Uses Addressable Geofencing? 

Addressable geofencing is best used when trying to engage with existing customers and to build brand awareness. Because addressable geofencing targets customers with pinpoint accuracy, it can work in a variety of marketing campaigns where brands know not only who they want to target, but where those people are. 

For example, if a realtor was trying to advertise a home that is on the market in the area, they could use addressable geofencing in their marketing campaign. By using the address of the home they are trying to sell, anyone who visits the home would be targeted by the campaign and be updated about any changes in the sales price or informed about similar homes in the area after the first home is sold.

Additionally, businesses that have access to customer information can target individual customers. For example, auto and car dealerships that already have consumers’ personal information can target individual drivers nearing the end of a lease agreement. Typically once a lease agreement is complete, the driver is looking for a new car. This is an opportunity for a dealership to target and reach out to those specific consumers. Addressable geofencing helps companies target the right person at the right time. 

How Do You Use Addressable Geofencing?

Using address geofencing is easier than you think. Here are the four basic steps anyone can follow to make an addressable geofencing campaign. 

Step 1: Create a List of Physical Addresses to Target

Digitally set up the target addresses you intend to target. This can be as simple as your own storefront or as complex as a long list of customer addresses. As part of this step, you should consider who you are targeting. The more you know about the people you are targeting with your campaign, the more personalized and relevant you can make it. 

Step 2: Create the Advertisement

Because addressable geofencing allows you to have pinpoint precision with marketing, your message should speak to the needs of your target audience. Agility Digital provides free creative services with a dedicated in-house design team to help design and create your ad. They’re ready to work with your brand to create an effective and relevant campaign. 

Step 3: Use Agility Digital’s Self-Service Platform to Serve the Ad

Agility’s self-service platform puts the power in your hands to create and manage your ad. Our goal is to give you the tools you need to succeed and have complete control over your campaign. 

Step 4: Track and Manage Your Campaign

Track key statistics from your campaign with Agility Analytics. It will help you learn more about what is, or isn’t, working so you can make improvements where needed. Key performance indicators can help you learn how often targeted customers are interacting with your addressable geofencing campaign, which addresses are successful, and which addresses have lower results. 

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