The 4 Benefits of Retargeting Ads

The 4 Benefits of Retargeting Ads

Web traffic does not always equal sales. Indeed, the average conversion rate for a website is under three percent. Some might interpret this to mean 97 percent of traffic is useless, but there’s still value in that traffic. Retargeting focuses on the majority of customers who didn’t convert when first visiting your website and helps bring them back to close the deal. 
Here’s your chance to learn more about retargeting and the benefits of retargeting ads in your next campaign.

What Does Retargeting Mean in Advertising?

Retargeting is the process of showing consumers your ads after they have left your website without making a purchase. This helps your company stay in contact with potential customers who have shown interest in your brand.

4 Benefits of Retargeting Ads

Here are four of the biggest benefits of choosing to use retargeting in your next ad campaign. 

1.Reach a Better Market

Unlike other marketing methods that cast a large net to find someone interested in the product, the power of retargeting comes by only targeting consumers who have already visited your website. They are a warmer lead than the general public if they have already shown interest in your brand by coming to your website. 

2. Gain Insights

As part of your retargeting process, you have the opportunity to learn more about your actual audience. Rather than making assumptions about your target demographic, you’ll learn who’s genuinely interested in your brand through web statistics. 

This is beneficial because you can better customize your ad campaigns and speak directly to their needs with more data points and information about your actual customers. More information brings more customization, which will improve their interactions with your brand. 

3. Improve Brand Awareness

The typical marketing rule of thumb says it takes seven impressions with a brand for a consumer to become a customer. Retargeting helps you speed up that process by targeting those who have had at least one impression from your website. With continual reminders about your brand, you will be at the front of your target audience’s mind. 

4. Improve ROI

It is always a better marketing investment to spend money on warm leads than trying to generate growth from ice-cold leads. Retargeting helps you spend money on warm leads that have already shown interest in your product. 

This makes your job in marketing easier since these leads are already aware of your brand and the products and/or services you offer. This enables you to reduce your marketing budget while still seeing a return on your investment.

Where Can You Use Retargeting?

Here are three platforms where you can leverage retargeting in your next campaign.

Social Media

Social media retargeting is an excellent place for companies to reintroduce products and services to customers. Temporary promotional offers are a great tool to leverage through social media retargeting, giving consumers an added incentive to return to your website and make a purchase.

Retargeting on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn is a great way to reach out to customers because sponsored content and ads are placed naturally alongside organic social media content. This puts your brand shoulder to shoulder with your prospects’ friends, family, and coworkers. When the campaign is successful, it makes your brand feel like an established part of their life. 

Banner Ads

Banner ads are a simple, eye-catching way to reach out to your target audience, no matter where they are on the internet. As long as the website they are browsing has ads, there is a chance your marketing campaign could reach out to them.

Retargeting banner ads is a cost-effective and engaging way to drive traffic back to your website. You can choose to use banner ads to showcase what the individual already viewed on your website, or you can introduce different products or services they may have missed. 

Email Marketing

Email retargeting is one more tool to help reduce bounce rates, increase conversions, and drive revenue. The biggest benefit of email marketing is that it allows you direct personal contact with customers, so you can address each one individually and truly personalize the content.

Remarketing with an email campaign has to be handled slightly differently because it requires the customer to provide their email contact information. That displays trust on their part and needs to be treated with respect. Misusing an email campaign by sending constant or repetitive emails can potentially do more harm than good to your brand and can create the wrong impression. 

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