How Accurate Is Geofencing?

How Accurate Is Geofencing?

Geofencing is one of the best ways to engage your target audience by sending hyper-local, relevant messages to their smartphones.

Creating a pre-defined boundary is a key part of the success of any geofencing campaign. But that boundary must be accurate in order to maximize the return on investment. A high level of geofencing accuracy ensures that the appropriate audience receives your messages—at the right time and in the right place.

So what is the accuracy of geofencing? And how can you improve your current geofencing accuracy?

Geofencing Accuracy

Geofencing accuracy ultimately depends on the type of geofencing system being used. Three common geofencing techniques include:

  • Radial Geofencing: Some geofencing products employ radial geofencing, which requires the marketer to drop a pin on a certain location, then create a circular fence expanding out from the center pin. This type of geofencing is not always accurate, since the address of a building may be slightly different from the physical location. It’s also more difficult to create a target audience, since the geofence must expand outward in a circle.
  • Polygon Mapping: Other geofencing tools use polygon mapping, which is designed by tracing a boundary according to satellite images. This is a more accurate style of geofencing, since the lines of the geofenced area can be more exact and targeted.
  • Blueprints Mapping: Blueprints mapping allows the marketer to create a geofence around the business location, parking lot, and nearby streets. This is an even more accurate form of geofencing, since the messages can be tailored to the exact location of the audience.

Polygon mapping and blueprints mapping are proven to be more accurate methods of geofencing in comparison to radial geofencing. Choosing a geofencing system that relies on these methods will provide greater value and minimize wasted ad spend.

How to Improve Geofencing Accuracy

The rate of geofencing accuracy can also be influenced by the physical location of the business using the geofencing tool.

Geofencing technology relies on GPS, wifi, and cellular data, meaning that businesses farther away from cell towers and wifi routers may experience decreased geofencing accuracy.

For example, a business in a densely populated urban area will likely achieve better geofencing accuracy than a business in a more rural area, since there are more cell towers and routers in the city.

Location Data Accuracy in Geofencing

Location data for geofencing is determined by the smartphone user’s settings. Location accuracy will improve when wifi, GPS, and location services are enabled on the smartphone device.

Agility Digital Geofencing Method

Agility Digital’s geofencing method is one of the most accurate on the market today. By borrowing from the best of polygon and blueprints mapping, Agility Digital has created a product that allows marketers to draw their own live fences.

We’ll never flex your fences, and we’ll ensure the greatest accuracy of your data by keeping bots out, quarantining data for 36 hours, and scrubbing fake or irrelevant device IDs.

Agility Digital offers four times greater performance than competing geofencing products. Other benefits include:

  • Lower minimums
  • A customizable platform that you can manage in-house
  • Unique, proprietary technology
  • A dedicated account management team that will help you optimize your geofencing campaigns and increase accuracy

Get More Accurate Geofencing with Agility Digital Today

Whether you own a juice company, hospital network, e-learning company, or something in between, Agility Digital is the best choice when you’re seeking greater geofencing accuracy. Our client-focused software reaches your true audience, meaning we will help to serve fewer impressions and boost your conversions.

With Agility Digital, you’ll be able to view lookback windows up to a year old. We’re constantly refreshing our audiences and can store your data for more than 30 days.

Let the data speak for itself—review our case studies and then measure your own success with our easy-to-understand reports. Schedule a live demo today to learn more about how Agility Digital can increase your geofencing accuracy.

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