Agility Helps A Local Magazine Drive Site Visitors And Brand Awareness


Advertisers who have purchased print and online advertisements in a local magazine were not receiving the online conversions they were expecting. The magazine approached Agility with the goal of increasing online conversions for those advertiser audiences through animated and static programmatic display ads.


Through a pairing of behavioral targeting and geotargeting Agility was able to expand reach using the same audience profiles provided by the traditional magazine’s advertisements. Agility kept a close eye on click-through rate (CTR) and  constantly refined the audience to keep showing the most relevant ads to the right consumers. Agility built a custom agency dashboard for the magazine so they had visibility into the performance of each brand.


Agility served programmatic display ads to 15 different brands and was able to serve 1,566,441 impressions. Those impressions yielded a .23% CTR and drove over 3,600 clicks directly to brand websites.