Incremental Reach: The Most Important Stat You Should Be Tracking

Incremental Reach: The Most Important Stat You Should Be Tracking

Ad campaigns are the lifeblood of your marketing efforts, but how do you truly know if they’re reaching their full potential? If you’re doing any form of multi-platform advertising, incremental reach is an essential statistic to track so you can get the most from your campaign.

What Is Incremental Reach? 

Incremental reach is used by companies that run both traditional video ads and OTT (over-the-top) video campaigns to measure how effective the OTT campaign is at reaching your target audience. OTT campaigns deliver ads through online video streaming and include: 

  • Banner ads
  • Sponsored content
  • Ad interruptions 

Incremental reach helps you measure which share of the market you’re reaching through OTT video campaigns and the cost-effectiveness of those campaigns. As more people cut the cord and move to streaming and online content for the majority of their media and entertainment, it’s important to be able to track the impressions and effectiveness of each advertising platform as part of your campaign. 

Eliminating Deduplicated Audiences

Incremental reach removes deduplicated audiences (audiences that have been targeted through more than one form of media). In the most basic example, let’s say you ran a campaign that had both linear and digital viewing options. Some of your audience will only see the ad campaign on live TV, some audience members will only see it through digital services, and there will be some audience members that view it on both live TV and digital services. 

Incremental reach takes the total viewership and then removes all of the audience members who viewed the ad only on live TV, as well as those who saw the ad on both live TV and digital services. The remaining audience, who only saw the campaign as part of a digital service, is the incremental reach. 

Highlighting Different Platforms

Incremental reach is not limited to differentiating between analog marketing and digital marketing. It’s possible to use incremental reach to measure how individual platforms perform within a larger campaign. Instead of separating TV and digital, it’s possible to use the same incremental reach formula to separate interaction and view statistics between social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. 

Like the example above, this gives you better insights into how successful your campaign is on different platforms and helps you create future ads personalized to consumers based on those data points. 

Why Is Incremental Reach Important? 

Digital media has transformed the landscape of entertainment and media. A growing number of consumers have completely removed themselves from TV and cable. Marketers are having to change their tactics to accommodate for the digital revolution of media, which now includes online ads and cross-media campaigns. 

Incremental reach analysis helps you better understand and track the success and reach of cross-media campaigns and better measure which platform is most effective at reaching your target audience and flattening your new frequency curve by using a multi-stage journey across multiple channels. 

Simply put, incremental reach gives your company the power to better track and manage when and how consumers receive an ad. With that increased control, you can better target consumers and speak to where they are and their specific needs.

Personalized ads have a higher click-through rate, reduce wasted ad spend, and improve conversion rates because consumers prefer them. When companies use personalized ads, it shows consumers that the company understands who they are and their individual needs, rather than treating them as just another number. 

Agility Can Help

Agility makes it easy to manage all of your multichannel digital campaigns and track important statistics like incremental reach. With Agility, you have the tools you need to share the right ad with the right client at the right time. Schedule your demo today to see how Agility can help your company.

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