Save Time and Money with Geofencing for Political Campaigns

Save Time and Money with Geofencing for Political Campaigns

A key part of any political campaign is voter awareness. Voters won’t vote for someone they don’t know, trust, or understand.

Geofencing is a digital solution to canvassing and allows you to get information about a campaign to the voters directly. Find out more about how geofencing works and how it is changing the way political campaigns are managed. 

What Is Geofencing? 

Geofencing is a digital advertising tool that allows organizations to target customers based on their geographic area. This can be as specific as a city block or as broad as a neighborhood, city, or even voting district.

Any customer who is in, or has been in, the specified area within the past 30 days becomes part of a targeted list of consumers. So, when they see an ad online, they will see it based on that geographical information. 

By using geofencing, organizations can better target their ads and create customized content specifically for those audience members. Organizations can also create more meaningful connections and touchpoints between them and the consumer for less expense than running a broad campaign that may be wasted on people outside the targeted area. 

How Can Geofencing Help a Political Campaign? 

Geofencing isn’t limited to marketing campaigns; it can also be used in political campaigns. Political geofencing allows a politician to target voters within a voting district. This means that if there is a city, district, or area that could swing either way, that area can be targeted to help improve visibility and voter outreach. 

Geofencing also helps to focus ads depending on activities, which politicians can use to target specific audiences. For example, it’s possible to use geofencing for a political campaign to target anyone who is attending mass. Politicians can use this to reach out to their core voter base or introduce themselves to diverse groups of voters. 

Targeted Ads

Geofencing is only one tool for creating advertising campaigns. To get the most out of digital advertisements, politicians use geofencing paired with targeted ads. 

Targeted advertising utilizes big data to place ads based on viewers’ traits. By using targeted ads, a political campaign can focus their ads on where people have been and key demographic information like their age, gender, interests, hobbies, lifestyle, attitudes, and even their political standing. 

This level of specificity isn’t always useful for companies because it can become too narrow. However, it’s a dream come true for a political campaign to place ads for hyper-specific demographics. Just imagine the power of placing an ad in front of a married, LatinX, middle-class, college graduate, who has no party affiliation.

Rather than wasting valuable time and effort canvasing with the hope that you might stumble into your target audience, targeted digital ads can ensure that ads find the right person at the right time, every time. 

Use Agility to Help Your Next Campaign

Successful political campaigns can leverage targeted ads and geofencing to reach out to voters. Targeted digital campaigns can help save time and money without needing a large staff or groups of volunteers. 

Using geofencing in political campaigns helps you develop and share meaningful messages that resonate with voters. You’re able to share a campaign’s message and theme quickly and effectively. Digital advertisements also allow you to run flexible campaigns. You can quickly and easily run short campaigns that speak to the changing environment and needs of the voters.

At Agility, we make it easy for everyone to create, organize, and manage digital ad campaigns. To learn more about how geofencing can impact your political campaign, schedule your free demo today.

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