How to Progress Positive Partnerships in Digital Marketing

How to Progress Positive Partnerships in Digital Marketing

By Nicole Weitzmann, Senior Account Manager

Long-lasting business partnerships make or break any company – whether it is a business to consumer (B2C) partnership for a major retail company, or a business to business (B2B) partnership where a software company helps enhance a big corporation’s success. The way partnerships progress over time will create long-standing morale and uplift in any industry, as they are the foundation for increasing revenue. 

Agility uses strategic collaborations with our clients to drive the best programmatic marketing results. Optimizing and driving toward return goals is a main focus, but our client alliance is the ultimate success point. In this post, I will be going through what we do to best drive partnership success. I will provide six suggestions to enhance partnerships.

Tips to Maximize Partnership

#1 – Set A Foundation

Start off a marketing partnership right by setting proper expectations for success from the beginning. Establish “ground rules” by ensuring you and the client have mutual respect for the end goal. It is important to set proper and fair return goals along the way so that both partners know expectations. It’s also important to collaborate on ideas in the present and ongoing.

#2 – Get to Know Your Client

Focus the beginning of the partnership on creating personal connections with your partners, instead of zoning in on the designated project. This way, you extend more than a business hand to clients. This is key because most people desire more than a business relationship – they desire genuine, human connection. Think of when you are trying to reach a customer service agent on the phone and how frustrating it is when you are not able to reach a human. This is the same reasoning behind why people value human interaction in client relationships. Look at this as a dating app for your partnerships; learn their hobbies, their family structure, and their favorite sports teams. Spend more time “small talking” while still moving in a productive direction for their business.

#3 – Establish Face to Face Communication

Make the effort. We may live in a digital world, but interactions do not have to be the same. Visit your partners, take them lunch, or out for drinks. Put a large investment into large output clients. You will spend a minimal amount of money that will be well worth the investment on the business side. Not only does this provide you a chance to say “thanks for your business,”  it’s also a chance  to have fun and build the relationship with your client.

#4 – Be Charismatic

Periods are lame! The best way to show a client you care and are passionate about the partnership is by using appropriate punctuation. Also, read your audience. In the digital world, meanings and interpretations are often skewed depending on the person.You may come off to people as abrasive when you are trying to represent passion.  Utilize emojis to communicate your desired tone. By showing your marketing partner that you are passionate about an email, it also shows you are passionate about the results you are driving. Show off your personality.

#5 – Instill Trust

Nothing is more important in ANY relationship than trust. Think about your romantic relationships, friendships, and business partnerships. Without trust, you can never progress beyond the original state of your relationship. Being able to be my true authentic self, and knowing that my clients trust me, is my favorite part of a partnership. Loyalty is there, and they will always be willing to learn and collaborate because we trust each other.

#6 – Give Feedback, Accept Feedback

There is always a stigma about constructive criticism. It is not easy to give, and not easy to take. Personally, in my short career, I have been given an ample amount of hard feedback, but it has ultimately made me a better employee, friend, daughter, significant other, and dog mom. Feedback is the key to success. The importance behind feedback doesn’t just lie in personal relationships. Your partners often seek expert feedback in a subject that they may not be familiar with. Share your thoughts, explore the possibilities, and connect with them on deeper subjects by taking their feedback and giving your insight. Find a common ground and a success point by sharing opinions.

The takeaway here is to value your marketing partnerships on a deeper level. Overtime, yes, you will see this will lead to greater revenue. Before then, understand that business is more than delivering on results. Business is about networking, giving 100% and being personable.

To learn more about meaningful marketing partnerships, go to and request more information and a demo. Agility and their partners have more skin in the game with access to amazing strategists and resources.

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