The Agility Self-Service Geofencing Platform

Take control of your campaign with our self-service geofencing options. When creating in a geofencing advertising platform, you create geofencing boundaries and make decisions for yourself. Discover the best areas for your advertisements and get to work. You’ll find we offer a self-serve ad platform and programmatic platform, supplying you with all the tools you need to be successful.

For those who enjoy being knee-deep in the planning, targeting, and creating, you can use our creative and geofencing services to build your own ad campaigns. Check out the guidelines on our geofencing marketing software and discover how to create your own display ad campaign, or learn more about our programmatic marketing platform. Now is the time to begin building a lucrative campaign with Agility Digital.

What is self-service advertising?

Self-service advertising allows advertisers to build their own advertising campaigns. gives advertisers the authority to take control of their own campaigns (such as updating or changing the ads on the campaign without assistance from a sales representative).

What is a self-service platform?

A self-service platform puts advertising into your hands. This is a great option for those with an in-house marketing team, agencies that want to add another product offering to their portfolio, or for those who want affordable geofencing. A self-service platform allows each company to tailor their advertisements to their needs without relying on a representative.

What is a programmatic platform?

A programmatic platform simplifies the advertisement process. With a programmatic platform, you don’t have to spend hours trying to decide where your ads need to go and how to reach your target audience. You don’t need to negotiate one-off deals with TV channels, radio stations or websites. With real-time bidding and artificial intelligence, a programmatic platform will get your ads where they need to be to reach your ideal demographics. You’ll simply give Agility Digital your goals, budget, and targeted audience and your ads will be seen across digital media in no time.

Free Agility Account Setup

  • Get in and test out the product before you commit.
  • Draw polygon geofences.
  • Optimize your budget, flights dates and fences all in one application

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*Agility offers full service or self service options for digital advertisers. For more information on self service or full service campaigns, contact us now.

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