About Agility

At Agility, we focus all of our resources, talent, time, and energy on being the best programmatic provider in the industry. Compromised of proprietary online advertising technology utilized by skilled professionals, Agility is a world-class online advertising platform designed to build and optimize customized online ad campaigns. Agility offers a self-service geofencing platform you can manage in house. This easy to use geofencing platform can help your business or agency make more money and improve campaign results. Agility’s geofencing performance tends to be 4x better than competitors.

What is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic Marketing, also referred to as Real-Time Bidding (RTB), has revolutionized the way digital display, video, native and audio advertisements are bought and managed. Rather than purchasing ad inventory directly from the publisher, advertisers can manage their online ad campaigns through a technology platform that allows for bidding on inventory and showing ads to specific people in real-time across millions of websites, connected TV’s, newsfeeds and streaming audio platforms based on predetermined targeting criteria.

Mission Statement

Agility is on a relentless pursuit to remain the number one provider in our space by developing and managing measurable and scalable revenue streams for each one of our advertisers through programmatic advertising. In doing so, we are dedicated to educating and assisting advertisers and agencies on how to safely and effectively leverage programmatic advertising.

What Makes Agility Unique?

Full Funnel Solution:

We live in a marketing world in which advertisers are looking for a silver bullet, or a marketing channel that will drive direct response actions. Truth be told, the internet has made advertising more effective overall, but the age old marketing funnel and process to convert people to a product or service still remains the same. Effective online marketing uses the exact same methodologies as traditional marketing in which driving conversions isn’t a linear process. It involves pushing people down a path to conversion and, once one action has been taken by someone, it’s about understanding that action and knowing what action needs to be driven next.  Here at Agility, we take a full-funnel approach. We tailor ad campaigns specific to each individual advertisers short and long-term marketing needs to help increase brand awareness and drive growth.

Cross-Device Targeting:

Agility utilizes cross-device user matching to serve ads to people on all screens. There are two types of cross-device users matching–probabilistic and deterministic. Probabilistic simply means that a device or multiple devices “probably” belongs to a specific person. Deterministic means that it’s “determined” that the devices belong to the end person.  Agility only uses deterministic user matching with 95% certainty that the person we’re following cross-device is, in fact, the intended prospect.

Holistic Audience Targeting:

When developing a media plan and optimizing live campaigns for our clients, Agility takes into consideration that not all online advertisers are using the same marketing channels. By taking the time to understand what other marketing touch-points are currently taking place along the customer journey, Agility will determine where and how it’s channel best compliments all existing marketing initiatives. As mentioned above, Agility utilizes a full-funnel approach to generate brand awareness, drive new website traffic, increase website conversion rates, retain engaged customers, and reacquire those who have fallen outside of the regular purchase cycle. In doing so, it’s important that Agility and the advertiser mutually define exactly what audience needs to be influenced and the point of measurement that will be used to quantify the success of the campaign.

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