Agility Helps TV Network Drive Site Visitors And Brand Awareness


An American TV Network approached Agility about raising brand awareness through event targeting and website retargeting during the 2020 political season. They hoped to use programmatic display advertising to reach new viewers with a click-through rate (CTR) goal of .1%.


Agility worked with The Network to identify and create a plan to target the most relevant political events and set up a site retargeting campaign. Agility monitored the CTR daily to make sure each of the campaigns were tracking to the targeted goal. Agility met with the client in-person, held weekly strategy calls, and created a custom reporting dashboard that kept the client informed about the daily media buying optimizations that were made to achieve their target goal of .1% CTR.


Over the course of three months, Agility surpassed the client’s goal of hitting a .1% CTR. Agility drove a .2% CTR on the finalized campaigns. Agility also drove over 1,400 new users to the client’s website. There were 1,200,000 impressions served on the campaign.