Agility Helps Smokeless Tobacco Company Drive Website Traffic and Purchases


A local smokeless tobacco company approached Agility to drive website visits and online sales through search retargeting. They hoped to use programmatic display ads to drive a .13% click-through rate (CTR).


Agility collaborated with the client to create a comprehensive keyword list based on the company’s site and their competitors. In the early stages of the campaign, Agility drove a large number of impressions and saw that ads served on mobile and tablet devices were performing the best. To increase the win rate, Agility optimized the campaign to focus on mobile and tablet users and increased the CPM. Through bi-weekly calls and a live reporting dashboard, Agility was able to strategize with the company and ensure that we were tracking to their campaign goals. Because of the nature of search retargeting, the Agility team was able to adjust optimization levers quickly and hit the client’s return goal quicker than other programmatic tactics. The detailed keyword list provided by the client helped with hitting the return goal quickly as well.


Over the course of three months, Agility met and surpassed the client’s goal of a .13% CTR and returned a .23% CTR. Agility was able to drive 395,881 impressions and increase site traffic with 707 new site visitors.