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Working with Agility has been great, they are the one company we work with that I feel I don't have to constantly manage or watch over. They are friendly, honest and professional. They do what is asked of them and then much more. Agility has truly taken our company to the next level, I would highly recommend them.

The Best Advertising Solution for the Addiction Recovery Industry

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Digital Advertising for the Addiction Recovery Industry that Works

With restrictions on Google Adwords and Facebook it can be hard to advertise online

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But there is another option Programmatic Advertising

If you are looking for marketing solution that works for restricted industries, then Agility Digital will help you a great deal. Their service is superb, and they are very responsive to inquiries. It has been my pleasure to work with Agility

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Agility Digital, Inc

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Phone: (844) 383-4448 Email: support@agilityda.com

Keyword-Level Search Retargeting

Target users based on their recent search history and search queries

Site Retargeting

Search & Site Retargeting with Agility

Keyword Optimization: Agility gives full visibility and control of each keyword. Just like paid search, we have the ability to vary bids for each individual keyword in order to achieve the best results. 

Variable Recency: Agility enables variable targeting and bidding based on the recency of the search event. For example, ads can be served to users who have searched within 10 seconds, 10 minutes, 0r 10 days of the time of the search. Recency is a major factor in optimizing to CPA, CTR, and CPC goals.

Reporting & Transparency: Each advertiser will have access to Agility Analytics, a real-time analytics and reporting portal available 24/7.

  1. A user visits site and browses various products/services
  2. The user leaves your site without converting and moves on to other online activities
  3. We show that user your ad based on the products/services/pages they viewed as they perform other online activities
  4. The user responds to your ad and returns to your website to complete the desired action

Google has restricted the addiction recovery industry from using their display network. At Agility we don't have those restrictions, we can serve display, native, audio, video and connected tv ads to your target audience. We will also tag your website to track conversions, form fills, phone calls, chats initiated and any other conversion.  

A user performs a search and Agility collects the data associated 

Users are shown your ad based on the keyword searched as they browse

User clicks through the ad and converts

Additional Ad Formats

Meet our attending team members

Evan Broadhead

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Our team members are at Innovations in Recovery (IIR) 2019 and we would love to talk to you about how Agility can improve your advertising efforts.