eCommerce Juicing Company Drives ROI With Agility


An online juice seller reached out to Agility to help them drive conversions with a 3:1 revenue on ad spend (ROAS). They wanted to use geofencing to drive new traffic and  purchases through their site.


Agility placed fences in the requested locations, but was not seeing much early success. The Agility team kept weekly calls with the client and was able to quickly move some of the budget to site retargeting. The Agility team still utilized the geofencing tactic to fill the client’s conversion funnel with new users, but the site retargeting tactic was layered in and budget was turned up to convert users lower in the conversion funnel. Once implemented, the tactic was able to drive success almost immediately. Through the course of the campaign, the team was able to shift more budget to site retargeting and continue to drive up ROAS.


Over the course of 60 days, Agility surpassed the client’s goal of hitting a 3:1 ROAS and was able to drive a 34:1 ROAS. This resulted in 1,103 purchases on site totaling $172,000 in revenue.