Agility Helps Hospitals Find Nursing Applicants


A hospital network was looking to drive qualified applications for nurses at multiple locations. The hospital network approached Agility to help them get more in person interviews with geofencing.


To achieve the desired results, Agility ran multiple campaigns targeting specific areas with geofencing. Agility was able to accurately track and attribute a strong lift to the qualified applicants associated with the campaigns through a combination of UTM parameter tracking and conversion zone visitor tracking. Some areas had a harder time finding applicants than others, but the Agility team was able to improve performance on those campaigns by pairing general prospecting with geofencing. Regular meetings, strategic planning and custom performance dashboards contributed to the success of the campaigns.


Over the course of the campaign, Agility was able to serve 18,446,384 ad impressions with a .146% CTR. Agility drove over 42,000 applicants to conversion zones.