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What is CTV/OTT?

Build online audiences using offline locations and reach those audiences on connected TV

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Connect TV (CTV) Use Cases 

*41% of Individuals reached through Connected TV were unique and not reached by ads on linear TV 

Digital Video Extension

Goal: Extend existing digital video strategies to CTV to message in more premium environments 

Requirements: Use the same targeting and measurement capabilities as current digital video buys (e.g., audience targeting, conversion/view-ability tracking)

Traditional TV Extension 

Goal: Extend traditional TV advertising strategies with CTV to mirror all aspects of traditional TV including targeting, measurement, and viewer experience

Requirements: Only serve ads on CTV devices (the television screen) and during full-episodic TV content

TV Content Alignment

Goal: Align brand with specific television content or a type of television content vertical (e.g., men’s lifestyle brand aligned during the World Cup or March Madness)

Requirements: Aligning with the right content is prioritized over device and audience targeting

Extend Reach to New Audience 

Reach "cord cutters" and "cord never's" right where they're consuming on the big screen 

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