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Let us show you how we can drive more traffic to your stores by geo-fencing your competitors locations.

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How Agility Geo-Fences Competitor Locations

Use Hyper Targeted 
Geo-Location Advertising 
To Attract Your Competitors Store Traffic.

Target competitor locations by drawing a fence around their building.  

Step 1 - Target Zone

Step 2 - Audience Collection

The audience collected will be served ads while in the geo-fenced area and for up to 30-days AFTER leaving the geo-fenced area. (blue)

Step 3 - Serve Ad

Collect audience - Anyone with a mobile device that has location service turned on, and walks into the fenced area, will be pinged and eligible to be served an ad.  

Step 4 - Conversion Zone

Additional Ad Formats

What Is Geo-fencing?


the use of GPS or RFID technology to create a virtual geographic boundary, enabling software to trigger a response when a mobile device enters or leaves a particular area.

A conversion is anyone who entered the target zone (blue), was served an ad and then visited your location (yellow).