Agility Helps Florida Medical Device Manufacturer Drive Site Visitors And Brand Awareness


A Florida manufacturer of medical devices approached Agility about raising their number of relevant site visitors. The company wanted to geofence hospitals and serve programmatic display ads to users in those audiences. The client’s return goal was a .125% click-through rate (CTR).


The client challenged Agility to find a specific set of health professionals that were within their target demographic. Despite some limitations, Agility found a creative way to target those audiences. Agility fenced hospitals and drove relevant users to the clients website. Agility also used Google Analytics UTM parameter tracking to optimize the campaign and was able to adjust viewability and frequency settings to reach the target CTR goal for the client. Other items that allowed for Agility to hit the client’s return goals were regular email communication, strategic programmatic media buying, and the creation of a custom reporting dashboard.


Over the course of two months, Agility met and surpassed the client’s goal of a .125% CTR and returned a .2% CTR on the campaign. Agility was also able to drive over 700 new users to the client’s website and boost relevant site traffic.