Agility Helps E-Learning Company Drive Website Sign-ups


An online interactive training company approached Agility to drive website visits and course sign-ups using event targeting. The company hoped to target AutoDesk University 2019 and set a goal of a $300 cost per acquisition (CPA).


Agility geofenced the event and showed client ads during the event and for 30 days after the event. The event created a large audience pool and many qualified users clicked through to the client’s site during and after the event. Tags were placed on the client’s site to track sign-ups and to create a site retargeting pool for use later in the campaign. To increase conversions, Agility layered in the site retargeting tactic to the campaign shortly after the event ended. This lower funnel tactic enabled the most engaged audience members to see more ads until they converted and signed up for a course. Through bi-weekly calls and a custom-built reporting dashboard, the Agility team was able to keep the client informed on the fluctuations of the campaign and hit the client’s return goal.


Over the course of two months, Agility met and surpassed the client’s goal of a $300 CPA and returned a $210 CPA. Agility was able to drive 497 total clicks at $7.18 cost per click (CPC). In total the Agility campaigns drove 17 newly enrolled students.