Drug Prevention Company Reaches New People And Regions With Agility


A drug prevention company was looking to increase reach in specific areas of Idaho for their opioids video campaign. They enlisted the help of Agility to run a number of CTV campaigns focused on reach and new website visitors.


Agility ran 44 campaigns with multiple CTV video lengths (6sec, 15sec, and 30sec). Agility targeted specific counties and layered on age demographics to ensure they were targeting the right customer in the right areas. The client allowed Agility to run using an eCPM and to shift budget between the 44 campaigns. The flexibility of running with an eCPM helped Agility media buy with higher CPMs in lower populated areas and lower CPMs in higher populated areas. Agility communicated with the client weekly to optimize these CPMs and the frequency on each campaign. To increase impressions, Agility adjusted pacing and checked inventory daily. Eliminating low quality and high floor price inventory allowed Agility to effectively spend ad dollars and drive new website visitors. In order to make sure we were hitting the clients return goals, Agility proactively provided weekly raw reports to integrate with the client’s internal data system.


Over the course of the three and a half month campaign, Agility was able to drive over 12,000 new site visitors and achieve a 90% video completion rate. The average CPM was $48.91 and the CTR was well above industry standard at  .685%.