Solving the Mystery of Post-Impression Traffic in Programmatic Display

By: Jessica Chase, CXO

Many advertisers and agencies ask themselves this question every day – “what is viewability and why is it important for display and programmatic campaigns?” It’s important for every advertiser to understand viewability, in-view percentages and guaranteed in-view rates before running display campaigns. Understanding viewability advertising and the terms surrounding viewable inventory will help digital advertisers have more faith in display and programmatic advertising attribution and impact.  

As someone who has worked in the online advertising industry for over 16 years, I’ve had many conversations about how to avoid bot traffic, suspicious activity and fraudulent activity in online ads. Applying viewability settings to your programmatic display campaigns is something that really helps with this. Agility can provide access to in-view percentage rates for display and video campaigns and optimize against those viewable percentages. We provide transparency regarding how many of your display ads are serving within a viewable area so that we can help you believe in the view-through impression metrics that are being attributed to our campaigns.

Brands have been underutilizing viewability as a return goal for their programmatic display campaigns. It’s time they start taking advantage of data scientists and automated, high-tech algorithms to confirm display ads are showing to the right users, at the right time. It’s time to start holding programmatic display vendors accountable to viewability standards.  

Many programmatic vendors will steer their clients to apply viewability settings at only 50% – “meaning 50% of the display ad’s pixels are visible in the browser window for a continuous 1 second.” Agility can help you increase that viewability percentage beyond 50% and will work with you to make sure applying these settings doesn’t affect reach on your campaigns. In some Demand Side Platforms (DSP’s), applying viewability guarantees to your inventory will limit scale dramatically and you won’t be able to serve ads at all. Rest assured, you won’t have that issue with Agility.

On average, there are seven to ten touchpoints in an online marketing user’s journey, from an attribution perspective. Agility can help provide transparency on the upper funnel impressions and touchpoints using viewability guaranteed inventory. Digital advertisers have been trying to understand the meaning and value surrounding impression attributed orders for years and we can help. 

One of Agility’s longest standing clients has always zoned in on viewability as part of the return goal on their programmatic display campaigns. Because of this – their internal leadership has faith in an “always on” display campaign and believes in the impact of those display campaigns in growing their bottom line and providing a lift in their site traffic long-term.

At Agility, it’s our job to have transparent conversations with clients to help them start believing in the effectiveness of programmatic display advertising. Our goal is to drive substantial, meaningful traffic to advertisers. We want the lift to be clear on day one. We want our attributable impression orders to be a metric brands can rely on and believe in. 

Is your programmatic display vendor serving ads in a guaranteed viewable area? Ask them that simple question today. If they can’t or aren’t – Agility can help.

Viewability Definition: What is a viewable impression? The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) defines a viewable impression as an ad that meets the following criteria: For ads, 50% of the ad’s pixels are visible in the browser window for a continuous 1 second. For larger ads (those greater than 242,000 pixels), 30% of the ad’s pixels are visible in the browser window.

*Viewability tracking isn’t available for Connected TV (CTV) or over the top (OTT) inventory just yet, but we will keep you updated if that becomes an option.