How to Advertise Your Medical Practice with Programmatic Advertising

How to Advertise Your Medical Practice with Programmatic Advertising

Healthcare advertising is essential now that patients have more options than ever before. By having a planned budget and utilizing digital advertising tools like programmatic advertising and geofencing, you can help your practice stand out from the competition. 

Find out more about how to advertise your medical practice using programmatic advertising and geofencing and how Agility can make it easy to do. 

What Is Programmatic Advertising? 

Programmatic advertising is a modern twist on traditional advertising. In traditional advertising, you pre-arrange where you want an ad to run and how long it runs. This can be a commercial on TV that airs during prime time or a newspaper ad.

Programmatic advertising shifts the ad buying process. Rather than setting up an established date, location, or time for an ad to run and then running the ad, you use software to establish an algorithm of who, when, and where you target.

Programmatic advertising aims to place your ad to the right person at the right time and place. This helps improve your ROI on advertising dollars because there’s no longer any wasted advertising budget spent on showing ads to consumers who aren’t in your target audience. 

How Can You Use Programmatic Advertising in Healthcare Advertising? 

Programmatic advertising helps you create targeted ads for specific audiences. This gives you the ability to speak directly to specific healthcare needs and the benefits your medical practice provides to those needs.

For example, a small private practice that focuses on pediatric care could use programmatic advertising to place ads on parenting websites to target consumers who have children. Any healthcare specialty can target customers who show an interest in that specialty or fit the general characteristics of their patients. 

Pair Geofencing with Programmatic Advertising

Another digital marketing tool available in healthcare marketing is geofencing. Geofencing targets customers based on their past and current locations. This limits the audience by location and is an essential part of any healthcare marketing campaign. 

Limiting your audience is an essential tool because your practice serves only a specific geographic area. By utilizing geofencing in healthcare, you’re able to digitally target advertisements to your specific audience and avoid wasting your advertising budget on consumers who can’t become your customers.

Pairing geofencing with programmatic advertising gives you the chance to accurately and selectively target a specific audience. Programmatic advertising allows you to target ads based on their search history and the websites they visited, and geofencing helps you target based on their real-world geographic data. 

What Are the Benefits of Using Programmatic Advertising and Geofencing? 

  • Precise Targeting – Programmatic advertising uses big data to help you create and reach out to your perfect audience. Some targeting filters available in programmatic advertising include: 
    • Demographic Information – Includes key categories like age, gender, nationality, income, parental status, marital status, education level, and occupation. 
    • Interests and behavior – A wide range of segments can be targeted by programmatic advertising, including sports, hobbies, online searches, and favorite websites. 
    • Contextual targeting – Where your ad is placed is just as important as who sees it. Contextual targeting allows you to control which site your ad is placed on. This helps make sure your ads are appropriate to the content on the page and that you’re not placing an ad for something like preventive healthcare services on a funeral home’s site. 
  • Higher ROI – A marketing campaign that targets the right people at the right time can generate more revenue. While a programmatic advertising campaign does reach a significantly lower amount of people than a broad public ad like a billboard, it is better targeted to specific audiences. The targeted audience is more likely to convert and become customers, giving the ad campaign a higher ROI. 
  • Reduced Overall Costs – Programmatic advertising automates buying ad space. Rather than trying to bid for space, you set your budget, and the software finds the best locations to serve your ad within that budget. 
  • Ad Optimization – Programmatic advertising paired with geofencing in healthcare allows you to create hyper-specific ad campaigns that speak directly to your audience’s pain points. This allows you to create curated content for targeting the perfect audience.

Choose Agility

Agility makes it simple to set up, manage, and maintain healthcare advertising campaigns using programmatic advertising and geofencing. We provide you with the digital advertising tools you need so your ads find the right person at the right time and place. 

Contact us today and schedule your demo to see how geofencing can improve your marketing strategy. 

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