How Does Running Programmatic Online Advertising With Agility Differ From Running On Google Display Network?

How Does Running Programmatic Online Advertising With Agility Differ From Running On Google Display Network?

By Jessica Chase, CXO at Agility

When running display advertising, many marketers test running on Google Display Network (GDN) first due to the pure simplicity of GDN being in the same suite of products as Google AdWords. There are many benefits to running display advertising with a programmatic media buying vendor like Agility.  Programmatic marketing is an automated, data-driven buying method used across multiple platforms. A huge array of inventory is available across all ad networks, ad exchanges and supply side platforms (SSPs). Running with a digital programmatic vendor like Agility allows you access Google AdX, which offers the same sites as GDN, and millions more. We also have access to direct publishers and other SSPs such as Pubmatic, OATH, hundreds more.

Once in the platform, users discover that GDN only supports basic targeting capabilities and only reports on basic audience and campaign insights. Programmatic advertising through Agility offers detailed targeting capabilities that GDN can’t support. We also offer detailed reporting insights associated with the audiences we serve ads too including time of day, day of week, location, ad format, creative, device, channel, weather and much more. 

As marketers, we are always looking for more customization and ad format options to meet our clients needs. Working in platforms like Google Display Network (GDN) for digital display prevents agencies from providing the ad format customizations that are needed to truly be strategic. Running programmatic display advertising through Agility allows for customization on a huge array of inventory across all channels and devices including display, video, native, audio, TV and digital-out-of-home across web, app, PC, mobile, tablet, connected TV and even smart speakers. 

While GDN allows for cost per click (CPC), cost per acquisition (CPA) and cost per thousand impressions (CPM) bidding types – the backend is based solely on impressions. Working with a programmatic buying vendor like Agility will allow for you to not only use CPM bidding, but optimize toward virtually any goal such as CPC, CPA, CPM, cost per completed view (CPCV), view through rate (VTR), viewable cost per completed view (vCPM), viewability percentage, video completion rate, and many more. Attributing viewable impressions, viewable ads and view through conversions correctly is a hot topic in the programmatic ads world and Agility can help. We understand getting your return goal right is essential to success.

Agility can help with your programmatic ad buying needs. Please reach out to us today!

Viewable Impression Definition A viewable impression within programmatic targeting is a measure of whether given adverts were actually seen by a human being, as opposed to being out of view or served as the result of automated activity. It is a standard measure of ad viewability defined by the International Advertising Bureau (IAB) to be an ad which appears at least 50% on screen for more than one second.