Upgrade Your Campaigns with These 12 Mobile Advertising Tips

Upgrade Your Campaigns with These 12 Mobile Advertising Tips

Creating a successful mobile advertising campaign doesn’t have to be difficult. Get the most from your next campaign with these twelve mobile advertising tips. 

1. Establish a Clear Goal

A goal gives your campaign a clear direction. The most typical reason to run a mobile ad campaign is to increase sales, but you can also create a campaign to increase brand awareness, improve social engagement, or drive website traffic. By making sure you have a measurable goal, you can better determine whether your campaign was a success and how to do better. 

2. Craft a Clear Call to Action

A mobile advertising campaign must have a call to action. The consumer should know what they are expected to do and how to do it. Spelling out the obvious and telling people to click on a giant flashing red button that links to the webpage you want them to visit may seem obvious, but it will help improve your campaign results. 

3. Be Relevant

A good campaign demonstrates value to every potential customer who sees it. A great campaign meets your target audience where they are and speaks to their life, needs, and dreams. 

Mobile advertisements are extremely personalized because companies can be hyper-exclusive about the audience they are targeting. Accurate ad placement with geofencing, geotargeting, and address targeting works best with a customized and relevant campaign that connects to the target audience.  

4. Use Visuals

If an ad isn’t easy to read or understand, most consumers won’t take the time to make sense of it. Effective graphics can help grab people’s attention and share the message you communicate in your campaign.

5. Focus on Mobile Exclusives

People pay more attention to exclusivity. Mobile campaigns that include deals or information that is mobile-exclusive drives customers to your store or website because it creates a feeling of urgency and will cause people to act on a fear of missing out. 

6. Target the Right Audience

Mobile advertising tools like geofencing allow businesses access to hyperlocal targeting. Not only can you target a specific location, but it’s possible to target people based on their age, gender, and preferences. By targeting consumers who match your target profile, you can help drive traffic and increase sales. 

7. Keep It Simple

Mobile advertising is not the time to wax poetic about all of the features of your products or services. A key mobile advertising best practice is to keep your messages clear, short, and simple. One ad should have one call to action (what the user should do and how), and the benefits should be clear. 

8. Reduce File Sizes

While people can easily stream HD video on their mobile devices, no one wants to have to spend excessive time waiting to download images, animations, audio files, or movies. To make sure that your advertisement works on all devices, compress the files and reduce file sizes wherever possible to ensure a fast download time without negatively affecting the quality of the advertisement. 

9. Include Dynamic Distance

Mobile advertising can access GPS locations, and that information can be included in the advertisement. Dynamic distances in an advertisement can help drive purchases by telling consumers exactly how far away they are from your store.

10. Test Before Publishing

Before publishing your campaign and sharing it with the public, always test it to ensure everything is working correctly. This should include testing for bugs, making sure that all copy is written perfectly, and checking that links direct customers to a live page. Testing before publishing will help ensure customers get the best impression of your company. 

11. Direct Traffic to Landing Pages

Your call to action can include any action, but the best practice is to send customers to a landing page on your website. By directing customers to unique landing pages, your business can better track interaction and click-through rates. Landing pages can also be customized to speak to the needs of your target audience. 

12. Be Willing to Improve

The best mobile advertising campaigns aren’t finished just because they’ve been published. There is always room for improvement and learning more about the market for your next campaign. Once a campaign is live, it’s time to fine-tune it and make it even better. 

Launch a Successful Mobile Advertising Campaign with Agility Digital

Agility Digital makes it easy for businesses to create and manage highly targeted ads. Contact us today and find out more about how Agility can help you craft better mobile advertising campaigns. 

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